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Friday, May 20, 2016

I'm thrilled the last 5 years with Etsy!! Nobody said having your own business would be easy. But to look back at working non stop in the real world having no control praying for your day off and on that day working harder than you do at your day job trying to fit in every thing in get it done was not fun exhausting and stressful. Now I have control and the hard work I put into is because one I have a great platform with Etsy it's world wide and two all the hard work i put into it I get to reap the rewards take all the credit and enjoy what I love to do!! It's not all about the sale it's the reward knowing that someone else loves what you do! So I'm very Thankful for Etsy even thru the changes... Change makes the world a better place it's all about how you make it happen!

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