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Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's been along time My Friend..

It's been along time My Friend! 
I want to get back to blogging so many New Idea's New patterns New fabric and prints.  I 've started to Sketch my designs adding fabrics trims lace pattern pieces I made so I can locate them all in one spot... I should have done this from the beginning!!  Some days my head spins with new ideas that I wonder how in the world I will find the time to sew them.  I've learned so much from the business end of having a Etsy shop and know that the work you put into is truely the pay off in the end.

What a Joy when a Customer sends you pictures of their little Princess and a story about something you created!! Most of my models now are Happy Customer and is the ulitmate pay check when they allow me to feature them in my shop!  I'm struggling to create my fall/Winter line... I don't want to have what everyone else is selling.. I love the Classic Vintage baby looks.  Colors??? I'm not sure what direction to go with...  I want soft sweet colors more Shabby Chic.  I know this my New favorite Color right now is Tiffney Blue!!!

Since my last blog My granddaughter Grace Olivia was born.. What a Joy, just like her Mother Beautiful! She and My granddaughter Juliana are BFF's.... Aden is the big brother and loves helping.    Nana's Needs to Pictures..hint hint!!