Nana Just Bananas on Etsy

I'm thrilled the last 5 years with Etsy!! Nobody said having your own business would be easy. But to look back at working non stop in the real world having no control praying for your day off and on that day working harder than you do at your day job trying to fit in every thing in get it done was not fun exhausting and stressful. Now I have control and the hard work I put into is because one I have a great platform with Etsy it's world wide and two all the hard work i put into it I get to reap the rewards take all the credit and enjoy what I love to do!! It's not all about the sale it's the reward knowing that someone else loves what you do! So I'm very Thankful for Etsy even thru the changes... Change makes the world a better place it's all about how you make it happen!

Thought my days were busy enough no time to design or create much less work on my brand? Well I fouled myself! I was able to make 3 new designs for girls.  I love them, they are simply sweet and perfect for baby girls.  I pull my energy together sewing them, photographing them and yes I was able to do a Shop update for all to see on my Etsy shop!  I always thought gingham check fabric in nursery colors are perfect for babies. So tell me do you like gingham check fabrics?

Adding to your Brand

So today I've decided that with change you have to make changes.  So Adding to my brand and expanding is what i'm going to do. One week ago I took the plunge as so many others did with Etsy new Pattern website.  I have a lot of learning to do.  Marketing is one! I've been sharing on Facebook, my kids have been sharing with there friends to help out there old mom.  But I think I need some new items that brings them in.  I have very upscale market items right now and would like to be able to offer some great quality items at a lower cost.  Now my upscale items I spend $$$ on making. Using only the best in fabrics, laces and adornments. Spend months creating the patterns and designing.  So I'm not able to lower there cost.  But I can add items that are great quality but less cost to make.  So I jumped in feet first with my eyes closed and loving what i'm doing!  If you want to take a look at what I been up to in the last 5 years this is my shop on Etsy and my new shop on pattern come in and take a look!

So Today Etsy changed the way everyone views and shops. People now will be able to shop on all devices. You can now shop on your smart phones, tablets and desk tops.  Your also able to use apple pay.  My new shop layout went live... I'm hoping this change will be positive for everyone world wide. Checkout my new layout and set up... I learning that Change is a good things we have to keep up with what people want in there shopping experience.

Getting back to basic's

I use to spend a lot of time working on my blog.  Then I started sewing and building my brand and business.  I never had a spare moment, when I was not sleeping I was sewing!  I was not able to do much of anything else.  With great Changes with the Etsy Community where I have resided the last 5 years, I spend more time reading forums and re-branding my shop along with working on SEO'S, tags and titles then designing new gowns, hats or dresses.  I would buy all this fabric have great intentions and never have time to get to them.  So I decided with Change you have to Change. So I went back to the first thing I did blogging.. Not very good at it but I love spending time on it.  My next step is learning more about social media.   I'm not very good at it but it's a lack of researching it.  So for my next blog I'm going to back to basic's

It's been along time My Friend..

It's been along time My Friend! 
I want to get back to blogging so many New Idea's New patterns New fabric and prints.  I 've started to Sketch my designs adding fabrics trims lace pattern pieces I made so I can locate them all in one spot... I should have done this from the beginning!!  Some days my head spins with new ideas that I wonder how in the world I will find the time to sew them.  I've learned so much from the business end of having a Etsy shop and know that the work you put into is truely the pay off in the end.

What a Joy when a Customer sends you pictures of their little Princess and a story about something you created!! Most of my models now are Happy Customer and is the ulitmate pay check when they allow me to feature them in my shop!  I'm struggling to create my fall/Winter line... I don't want to have what everyone else is selling.. I love the Classic Vintage baby looks.  Colors??? I'm not sure what direction to go with...  I want soft sweet colors more Shabby Chic.  I know this my New favorite Color right now is Tiffney Blue!!!

Since my last blog My granddaughter Grace Olivia was born.. What a Joy, just like her Mother Beautiful! She and My granddaughter Juliana are BFF's.... Aden is the big brother and loves helping.    Nana's Needs to Pictures..hint hint!!

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