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Saturday, February 26, 2011

A New Grandbaby on the way!

I have a New Grandbaby on the way! I love just Love being a grandmother to Aden and Juliana and now a new grandbaby in October.  I have 4 children and the first two are identical mirror twin boys.  Both are serving our country and have had multiple deployments to Iraq. The oldest twin is the father to my handsome grandson Aden and baby granddaughter Juliana. There mother is the most loving, patience, understanding, down to earth and giving person I ever had the pleasure to know. She has indeed gone above and beyond and truly loves and stands by her man and I only hope I was as mother as good as she is to my grandbabies! Now the second twin is starting his family with the most beautiful courageous sincere loving woman.  She also is severing our country and has been deployed to Iraq. There both so over the moon excited about becoming parents! As a mother of twins I indeed put the curse of both of them that one or both will have twins just like them when they grow up!! So the first did not but could it be the second twin? He has been full of surprises from birth and I mean that why I did not know I was having twins until after the first twin was born and out popped the second twin weight 3lbs. half the weight of the first twin. Now 26 years ago ultrasound just came out and they did not use it a lot so I did not have one done. SURPRISE I THING THERE'S ANOTHER ONE the doctor says! So here's I am hoping that I have another surprise just as wonderful as he was!!! TWINS?? The pictures is the happy soon to be parents!

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